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Sharing the JOY in Joyce with the world

Sharing the JOY in Joyce with the world



Joyce Marie Fitzpatrick, a native of Indianapolis, Indiana is a Producer / Writer / Director who enjoys a career in television production, film and promotion in Los Angeles, California.   She graduated with honors from California State University of Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications and Film, and has worked for ABC, NBC, CW, UPN network, PBS,

E! Entertainment, and Black Entertainment Television (BET). Her producingand writing career began at PBS when she produced and wrote over 60 on-air promos and original programming for PBS including the show Bill Moyers - "Moyers on Addition: Close To Home in LA."  Joyce also worked as a Managing Coordinator for (BET) Black Entertainment Television's: “Comic View,” “The Way We Do it,” and “Holla,” hosted by comedian Sheryl Underwood from CBS's "The Talk." She has worked as a producer, writer and copy editor for E! Entertainment Television’s, E! News and E! Online.

In 2001, Joyce launched her film production company, Flatcat Productions, LLC, in the city of Los Angeles.  FCP’s mission is to develop, produce and complete independent film and television projects for distribution.  FlatCat Productions understands and supports the independent filmmakers logic and focuses on developing partnerships that help filmmakers achieve the most creative and well-produced project. 

Fitzpatrick has been a producer and writer of comedy sketches with the CW/UPN network show "The NEWZ"; the award-winning comedy "Animal Control TV," and the animated shorts: “Chinese, Chicken and Checks,” “Black Exploitation Sunday: Halloween Special” and “Black Exploitation Sunday.”  

Joyce also produced several short films and web series: "Film Permit Police," "Mother's Day," "Waiting For Supermen?!," “Kill Me,” and "Go With the Fro."  Her most recent directed short is about a young girl’s acceptance into a new neighborhood called “Welcome to the Neighborhood.”  She has also directed, produced and written several award-winning documentaries: “Discovering Mary” about the life and times of Mary Fields or “Stagecoach Mary,” the first black female mail carrier/stagecoach driver in the west; the heart-warming story about a women's journey through Cancer Diagnosis and recovery while living in Malaysia, "Sunshine, Noodles and Me," to her current project in production, "The Color of Medicine: The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital, about the rise and fall of the premier, all black, state-of-the-art hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.   She has also co-Directed, Co-Produced and written other award-winning projects: the Sci-Fi adventure "Identity Confirmed"; the hilarious mock reality-tv comedy, "Animal Control TV." 

Joyce has also written several screenplays.  Her comedy feature, “An African-American in Paris,” won 1st place winner at the Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF), and her science-fiction/thriller "Feeding Time," is currently represented by The Gersh Agency (TGA), a talent and literary agency.

Joyce isn’t just about filmmaking.  One year after completing the award-winning Breast Cancer documentary, “Sunshine, Noodles, & Me,” filmmaker Joyce Fitzpatrick was diagnosed through early detection with Breast Cancer in 2015. Armed with a strong and optimistic belief system, Joyce is determined to change her fate by changing her lifestyle and by not accepting the intimidation and archaic mindset associated with this disease. Joyce and her producing and directing partner, Brian Shackelford are documenting her determination to not be part of the “exclusive club” and to help others like herself to fight for their beliefs in “Cancer is Just Another Word that Begins with the Letter “C.” This documentary will follow Joyce, who teams up with the “Epigenix Foundation,” a non-profit company to incorporate a "ketogenic" diet into her healthy lifestyle with food that has been generously provided by one of Fortune 500’s top nutritional companies, Quest Nutrition Inc. Joyce also explores the less toxic and natural approaches to a healthier lifestyle through modern medicine and new scientific discoveries. She also interviews scientists, medical professionals and other advocates for metabolic healing, while learning what it means to be healthy in today’s society.




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